General Information & Park Policies

  • Inclement Weather: Storybook Land is subject to close in the event of inclement weather or inclement weather forecast. For the safety of our guests, some rides may be required to shut down should foul weather occur when the park is in operation. This is in accordance with New Jersey State Ride Regulations. Storybook Land does not offer refunds or rain checks. Click here for information on refunds.
  • Safety First: It is important that parents, guardians, and/or chaperones understand all park rules and regulations. It is the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or chaperone to supervise any children under their care at all times. For the safety of others, Storybook Land employees are trained to enforce park rules and regulations. We appreciate your understanding of our need to provide a safe environment for our guests.
  • Guest Courtesy: All guests of Storybook Land must act in a sensible manner. Line-jumping, misbehaving, harassment, intoxication, foul language etc., is not tolerated. Storybook Land reserves the right to dismiss guests without refund.
  • Restricted Items: Alcoholic beverages, firearms, laser pointers, personal utility knives, "selfie sticks," drone cameras, and hoverboards are NOT permitted.
  • Lost Child: If you become separated from a child, please notify any Storybook Land employee.
  • Park Re-Entry: Please ask for a stamp in the castle gift shop for same day re-entry. Season pass holders MUST ask for a stamp for re-entry.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside the park. This includes e-cigarettes and/or vaporizers. If you wish to smoke, you may have your hand stamped and smoke in the designated smoking area in the main parking lot.
  • Attire: Proper attire is required for all guests. No vulgar or suggestive writing on clothes. Loose shoes such as flip-flops must be removed for Tick-Tock Clock Drop and Beanstalk Bounce. Guests are required to wear shoes and shirts at all times (except in the Storybook Seaport). No bathing suits on rides. All bathing attire must be covered after visiting Storybook Seaport. Guests are required to change into dry clothes after visiting the Storybook Seaport.
  • Picnic Lunches: Picnic lunches are welcome in the picnic area. Picnic food is food prepared from home. Outside commercial food it not allowed. No grills or alcoholic beverages. No cooking devices or commercial food items.
  • Lockers: Lockers are available for rent in the Picnic Pavilion. Lockers are subject to search should suspicious activity be detected.
  • ATM: An ATM is located at the Castle Entrance, Castle gift shop, and Dining Depot.
  • Lost and Found: Please report any lost articles or return any found items to the Castle Exit and Gift Shop. Storybook Land is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Admittance: No children are admitted without an adult.
  • Guests with Special Needs: Although we will try to accommodate riders with special needs, some rides may not be appropriate for all riders. Persons with special needs must have their own helper. Please see anyone in Guest Services for assistance with guests with special needs.
  • Service Animals: While Storybook Land does not normally permit pets inside the park, Service Animals used for the care of guests with special needs are allowed. For the safety and welfare of all, service animals are not permitted on any ride.
  • Pages: The paging system is used for Storybook Land messages and emergencies only. We do NOT do pages for separated parties.


Parking is free for all vehicles. Convenient parking for buses, motor homes, and campers is located on adjacent lots.


Restrooms are located by the Gingerbread House, Turtle Twirl, Picnic Pavilion, and in the main parking lot outside the park. They are equipped with infant changing tables and are wheelchair accessible. A companion restroom facility and mothers' nursing stations are also available.


  • Storybook Land rides are all family rides and are suitable for children and adults. All rides have height restrictions and/or limitations. Be sure to check posted height and safety restrictions at each attraction. Ride and attraction requirements are determined by ride dynamics, the restraint system used, recommendations made by the manufacturer, and by the State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Ride information and restrictions are posted at each location. Please supervise children at all times. Ride guidelines and height requirements are subject to change without notice.
  • The New Jersey State Ride Safety Act requires Storybook Land to post same and laws are strictly enforced. Some rides may not be for everyone. Those with heart or back problems, recent surgery, or pregnancy should exercise caution. Although we will try to accommodate riders with special needs, some rides may not be appropriate for everyone. Persons with special needs must have their own helper.
  • In the event of inclement weather or mechanical difficulty, rides may close.
  • Shirts and shoes must be worn on all rides, no bathing suits, please. No food or drinks on rides. (Loose shoes such as Flip-Flops must be removed for Tick-Tock Clock Drop and Beanstalk Bounce.)
  • The proper protocol for measuring height is as follows:
    - Stand straight, with feet flat, heels and back against the measuring board.
    - Keep head straight, chin down.
    - Measure to the top of the head, not hair.
    - Top of the head must be touching proper height on the measuring board and/or height stick.
    - All measurements are non-negotiable.
    - Patrons wearing shoes with soles higher than 3 inches must remove shoes when being measured. Please understand that height restrictions are in place due to the requirements and recommendations by the Ride Manufacturer and the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs.

Unlimited Ride Advisory

Storybook Land rides are unlimited; however, common sense must prevail. Riders must exit the ride and re-enter, if others are in line to ride. If nobody in waiting in line to ride, we suggest and enforce no more than three (3) consecutive rides at one time. You are welcome to come back after at least a 10 minute break. Continuous, repeated riding without rest time in between is not in the best health or safety interests of either children or adults. The privilege of unlimited rides cannot be abused. Children must be in the company of parents or chaperones at all times. Ride attendants will enforce these polices.

Online Ticket Sales

Our site uses a secure order form for customers to purchase Season Passes and to purchase admission tickets during a pre-season sale, when these offers are available. There are no returns or exchanges on these purchases. In addition, we encourage you to read our privacy policy.

Media Relations & Image Gallery

If you are a member of the media and require photos and up-to-date information pertaining to Storybook Land, please contact us.