“Storybook Land is a joy when the weather is wonderful; now go there during the Christmas season and wow, you are in for a treat! The park is fully operational, the rides are up and running and the staff is welcoming as always! Add to that the amazing job they do with the Christmas lights… this is a labor of love. This place is a gem and is well worth the time and effort to come here!”
“Most wonderful theme park experience ever!”
“Like stepping back in time! Thank you for keeping the spirit of childhood alive!”
“…the thing that keeps us coming back year after year (from 2+ hours away no less) is the heart of Storybook Land - the fairy tale displays.”
“… I did not expect much in this economy. But to my surprise not only were you still in business but you have kept this wonderful dreamland as beautiful and child friendly as it was when I took my daughter there 30 years earlier! The staff was charming. The facilities were immaculate. It was a crisp autumn day and Storybook Land was a magical place to spend it. I just had to write and tell you we loved it. We will be back again. But most of all thank you for 55 years of doing what you do.”
“This place is so perfect, it’s almost unbelievable.”
“I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for having such a wonderful place. I went yesterday for the very first time. I was so impressed with the beautiful grounds, the cleanliness and the pleasant staff … The size of the park is also perfect for the little ones. When I got home last night I told all my neighbors about it and recommend they go. It was truly a perfect day. Thank you so much again and keep up the excellent work. We can’t wait to make another visit.”
“I can’t express to you and your staff what an enjoyable day my husband and I had with our four grandchildren this past Monday. So clean, friendly, safe and we enjoyed seeing our grandkids’ expressions on each and every ride having so much fun! Thank you for keeping childhood days alive in the minds of children and adults.”
“Storybook Land looks and feels just wonderful. Everything is so beautifully kept and inviting. The food services are varied (and tasty), the bathrooms more than adequate, and the new animated displays are delightful. I think that the most striking feature is the landscaping. The shrubs and flowering plants do a wonderful job of defining the trails and are so well chosen and placed.”
“…we come every year - sometimes twice a year - all the way from Connecticut. Our two daughters ages 4 and 6 love it so much. They talk about it all the time. We can’t wait to come again this summer! Thank you for bringing our family so much joy.”
“…it was truly a trip back to our own childhoods with all of the nursery rhymes and our grandson can't wait to return … Thanks for such an enjoyable day!”